Interesting borders in the world (part 2)

When you look at the border between the two countries on the map, you see a straight line that runs from north to south.  The only thing that disrupts the order of this line is a twist in the middle of it as if a piece of Indonesia had been bitten.  Unlike other sections of the boundary line, within the depression, the Fly River determines the boundary.  The Fly River, named after a British ship, is the third-longest river in Guinea at 1,060 km.

Nevertheless, why did a part of the border suddenly deviate from its main trend and this nomination arose?  The reason for this traditional nomination is called “heading”.  Of course, overcoming does not mean hastening or finishing at all.  It means the human head, and it is the tradition of beheading and holding a person after killing that person.  This tradition is common almost all over the world and has been done with different motives.

In 1893, in the midst of British colonialism, this tradition was still prevalent in the region.  Due to the uncertainty of the border, British forces who had settled in the area after the colonization was in great danger.  They were afraid of falling victim to this terrible tradition.

As a result, it was decided to move the border slightly to the east.  In this case, British forces could patrol a larger area without crossing international borders.  These reforms later defined the Asia-Pacific border.

Mexico and the United States

When it comes to the border between the United States and Mexico, the first image that comes to mind is poor Mexicans trying to enter American territory.  The cliché that followed the order to build a wall between the two countries.  However, it may not occur to anyone that the border between Mexico and the United States ends at a beautiful beach.

Imperial Beach in California, USA, and Tiwana Beach in Mexico are part of the US-Mexico border.  A high wall has been erected on the border between the two shores to prevent illegal immigrants from entering.  The wall extends up to 90 meters into the ocean to prevent migrants from entering the United States at low tide.  Of course, this wall has another use.  Young Americans and Mexicans use it as a volleyball tour and play volleyball together.

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Bangladesh and India

The last item on the list of the strangest borders in the world has changed since 2015.  But since before this change was one of the strangest borders in the world, we still mention it in this article.  Have you ever seen the image of cargo ships carrying other cargo ships?  The border between Bangladesh and India is just like that.

Dahala is an Indian-dominated region in Bangladesh.  The Bangladesh-dominated region is in another Indian-dominated region, and all of this is in Bangladesh.  So, if you wanted to enter Dahala Khagharabi, you had to enter Bangladesh first, then enter India, then re-enter Bangladesh, and finally re-enter India.

Whatever the cause of these conditions, the living conditions of the inhabitants of these areas are extremely deplorable.  These lands are almost abandoned.  There is no transportation system and people cannot leave their borders because they do not have passports.  Residents of the region faced many problems, and governments were unable to resolve the problems due to political complexities until, in 2015, Dahala Khagharabi was officially ceded to Bangladesh.

In this article, we reviewed a list of the strangest borders in the world.  Some of them were characterized by the story of their formation.  We chose others because of their beauty and some because of their location.  After all, the 10 border areas introduced here are world-famous for their features.

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