10 Hidden Islands in Ireland

Apart from Dublin and a few other popular spots in Ireland, a large part of the country and its beautiful nature remain untouched and sometimes even unknown. Ireland has beautiful and pristine islands that are far away from many tourists. Join us as we explore some of Ireland’s pristine and scenic islands. In this article, we are going to introduce you to 10 hidden islands in Ireland. The following is a list of 10 hidden islands in Ireland.

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List of 10 hidden islands in Ireland

10 Hidden Islands in Ireland

  1. Sherkin Island

The island is best known for its boating competitions, which take place in late July. Although Partner Island has a very limited population of 100, it is the most accessible island in Ireland, a 10-minute boat ride from Baltimore Harbor. The island has extraordinary natural beauty, lush landscapes full of fragrant flowers, hills and mountain peaks and beautiful sandy beaches that are among the best in the country.

10 Hidden Islands in Ireland

  1. Cape Clear Island

It is the southernmost Irish-speaking island, eight miles from West Cork. Cape Claire Island has beautiful scenery, diverse wildlife, rocky cliffs and lush hills. In addition, the island hosts an international storytelling festival in September, which is an exceptional opportunity to visit. The island and watch its beauties and hear a variety of stories.

10 Hidden Islands in Ireland

  1. Dursey island

The island can be reached by electric tram, which is 250 meters above sea level, which makes it a little difficult for those who are afraid of heights to travel to the island. Dorsey Island is perfect for people who want a day trip in the heart of nature, they can walk on the fascinating and scenic routes of the island.

  1. Skellig Michael

The island, located in the Atlantic Ocean, has a historic monastery from the sixth century, which is one of the places on the island that is registered in UNESCO. To reach this monastery, you have to climb the old stairs, which include five hundred steps. Many of the structures at this point are stone.

10 Hidden Islands in Ireland

  1. Great Blasket Island

Great Blesset is the largest island in Ireland, which has been abandoned since 1953, but the island is still open to visitors and visitors can visit the uninhabited island. The island of Great Blesset has played an important role in Irish literature as many writers and artists lived there.

10 Hidden Islands in Ireland

  1. Rathlin island

Rathlin Island is located off the north coast of Ireland and has rare beauties. The wildlife of this area is very beautiful and lovely, when you reach the port, ducks and hippos will greet you.

10 Hidden Islands in Ireland

  1. Clare Island

Clare Island has beautiful cliffs and hills that are home to a variety of seabirds, the island’s lush trails and high hills are great for walking. Some of the historic structures of the island date back to the Bronze Age or Neolithic, which are popular attractions of the island.

10 Hidden Islands in Ireland

  1. Spike island

Spike Island is easily accessible by boat. The island also has attractions such as monasteries, castles and prisons that many tourists visit to visit this area.

10 Hidden Islands in Ireland

  1. Inishmore Island

Inishmore Island is accessible by boat and plane. The island has more limestone, which has given the island a more beautiful shape. Inishmore is a great place for cycling, one of the prehistoric structures of Europe on the island. A semi-circular castle located one hundred meters from the sea among the rocks.

10 Hidden Islands in Ireland

  1. Bere island

The island has been named Ireland’s cleanest island every year for the past five years. In addition to pristine nature, the island has historical monuments from the Bronze Age and the Middle Ages, such as standing stones, ring castles and historical tombs.

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