Why travel to the Pearl of the Indian Ocean? (part3)

Sri Lanka is a destination that can appeal to everyone. Whether you are a nature lover and hiker, you are interested in history, or you are looking for a relaxing trip and relaxation on the beaches, Sri Lanka can satisfy you anyway. So, if you are planning your next trip, be sure to consider Sri Lanka as well.

World Heritage

Sri Lanka has eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the historic site and ancient city of Polonnaruwa, the ancient city of Sirigiria, the central highlands of Sri Lanka, the ancient city and fortress of Gali, the Dambulla Cave Temple, the Holy City of Anuradapura, the Kennedy Sanctuary and Sanctuary Sinaraja Forest.

Wildlife in Indian Ocean

If you do not visit the elephants on your trip to Sri Lanka, you will miss an important part of the island’s attractions. If you are looking to see elephants in their natural habitat, you should visit Odavalau National Park. However, if you are looking for a closer relationship, you want to ride elephants or touch them and feed them; you should go to elephant farms on the island.

Sri Lankan Wildlife

Another animal you do not want to lose is the leopard. However, seeing this rare and very beautiful species is more difficult than seeing elephants. Leopards reign in Sri Lanka because there are no other predators like lions and tigers on the island. To see them, it is better to go to Yala National Park.

Sri Lankan animals

Finally the blue whale, the largest animal in the world. Sri Lanka is your biggest chance to see this huge animal. If seeing a blue whale is important to you, be sure to travel between June and November to the northeastern coast of the island.

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Sri Lankan entertainment

Of course, this island has other fascinating animals. For example, sea turtles, bears, red deer, and red-eyed deer.

The nature and history of Sri Lanka is indeed the main attraction of the island, but there is no reason not to take time on your trip to shop and shop. See a list of the best shopping malls in Sri Lanka:

Odell Store in Colombo: In this store, you will find products from the Odell brand and other brands.

Arcade Shopping Center: You will find a collection of international brands in this shopping center and there is a cinema on the top floor.

Candy City Center: The only shopping mall in the Kennedy area on five floors. Some of the most famous brands in the world are sold in this center.

Barefoot Souvenir Shop: One of the best destinations for buying souvenirs and handicrafts.

Crescatt Boulevard: A store of local products that is cheaper and more expensive than previous stores.

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