Where are the top tourist destinations in Asia?

Top ten destinations in Asia

Asia is a huge continent full of strange and spectacular beaches, varied and delicious food and incredible history, and it must have occurred to you that you do not know where to go when traveling. In this article we answer that Where are the top tourist destinations in Asia? We want to introduce you to Top ten destinations in Asia. The following is a list of Top ten destinations in Asia.

List of Top ten destinations in Asia for those who want to know Where are the top tourist destinations in Asia

  1. Hokkaido, Japan

Where are the top tourist destinations in Asia?

Hokkaido is located in the northernmost point of the main island of Japan, which is famous for its volcanoes and hot springs, as well as for recreational activities such as skiing. Hokkaido has become more accessible this year as a train line connects the city directly to Tokyo, making it easier to get to.

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  1. Shanghai, China

Where are the top tourist destinations in Asia?

Shanghai is the largest city in China with a population of over 24 million. According to the tourist site, “If you are looking for the center of the world, it is definitely Shanghai.” Shanghai has more to say this year, with the opening of the first Disney resort and amusement park in the city and the completion of the Shanghai Tower – the second tallest tower in the world – Shanghai will definitely have more visitors.

  1. Jeonju, South Korea

Where are the top tourist destinations in Asia?

Jeonju is a city in South Korea that is registered with UNESCO as a creative city in terms of food because of its food. This city can be a good destination for people who like to try a variety of foods, because here is the birthplace of the most famous Korean food – called Bibimbap.

  1. Con Dao Islands, Vietnam

Where are the top tourist destinations in Asia?

Con Dao Islands can be considered the shining star of Vietnam. The peninsula can be considered one of the top growing destinations in Asia. Since direct flights from Ho Chi Minh City to these islands have been opened, it has become easier to visit this area. Along with the calm and beautiful beaches of this area, you can also try a variety of delicious seafood.

  1. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong used to be a British colony, now a modern city in southeastern China with world-famous skyscrapers. Today, the city is more focused on its natural heritage, especially the Geo Park, which is located in the northeast. Since May this year, buses have been running between Zoe Park and its beautiful cliffs, making it easier to visit the area.

  1. Ipoh, Malaysia

Where are the top tourist destinations in Asia?

Ipoh is the capital of Malaysia’s Prague Province. Ipoh is a lesser known food center in Malaysia that is full of various cafes and restaurants as well as antiquities.

  1. Pemuteran, Indonesia

Where are the top tourist destinations in Asia?

Pemuteran is a coastal destination in northwestern Bali, Indonesia. Pemuteran is a combination of art resorts along with exciting restaurants and restaurants.

  1. Trang Islands, Thailand

Where are the top tourist destinations in Asia?

The Trang Islands are located in southern Thailand and are easily accessible by boat from Phuket and Krabi. These islands are very secluded and you can enjoy the Andaman beaches very well.

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  1. Meghalaya, India

Where are the top tourist destinations in Asia?

Articles are located in northeastern India, which literally means “land of clouds”. This area is very suitable for hiking, mountaineering, caving and boating. This area has recently attracted the attention of tourists and is currently very secluded and away from traffic and a large tourist population, but it will not always remain so.

  1. Taitung, Taiwan

Taitung is a city located on the southeastern coast of Taiwan by the Pacific Ocean. Many call this city Taiwan’s secret card. There are always festivals and celebrations with traditional Taiwanese music on the beaches of this region. Cycling and watching the stars at night are some of the activities that can be done in this area.



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