Visit the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanag

The center is located in the village of Pinnawala, 13 km northwest of the city of Kagel, in the region of Sabaragama. Pinnawala is world famous for having the largest elephant breeding center in Asia. The center started operating in 1975 and according to the latest census in 2011 has 88 elephants. In this center, orphaned elephants and injured elephants are kept in a protected environment. During the day, female elephants roam freely with their children in a separate area of ​​several hectares. They travel twice a day to the river twice a day to drink water and water. Adult male elephants are also used to do light work, such as carrying food. Male elephants are usually chained and kept separate. A bottle of milk is not used to feed baby elephants born in Pinnawala, but it is sometimes done for the sake of tourists who visit the center.

Visit the Buddha Statue – Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha Statue

This huge statue of Kennedy in Kennedy is another attraction that you should not miss. This statue is about 27 meters high and can be seen from most parts of this area. To reach this statue, you have to climb several steps in Peradeniya area and reach the grounds of this large statue in a very pleasant and relaxing environment. From the grounds of this Buddha statue, most parts of Kennedy city are visible and you can easily see Kennedy Lake, the tea factory and the football stadium.

Visit the Kennedy National Museum

The Kennedy National Museum can also be interesting for history lovers. This museum is located next to the Holy Tooth Temple. The architecture of this museum is based on the special architecture of Kennedy in previous periods and houses more than 5,000 historical objects.

Shopping in Kennedy

In Kennedy, like other tourist cities, you can enjoy a pleasant shopping experience. The city has good shopping malls such as KCC, Silverdale Shopping Complex and Selyn that are always used and bought by tourists. In this city, you can buy all kinds of jewelry, fabrics and clothes, souvenirs and handicrafts for this city.

Familiarity with hotels in Kennedy

The city of Kennedy, Sri Lanka has a variety of luxury and 5-star accommodation and hotels, two examples of which are mentioned below.

1. Five-star hotel Mountbatten Bungalow

This beautiful hotel is located 3.8 km from Kennedy Railway Station and is in a very ideal location. The Kennedy Botanical Garden is 1.8 km from the hotel. The rooms of this hotel are decorated in a special Sri Lankan style and have all the long-term amenities such as air conditioning, TV, spa, massage center, swimming pool, free internet and ….

2. Earl’s Regency Hotel

This beautiful hotel, like the previous hotel, is located 5 minutes away from the train station. The rooms of this hotel were spacious and provided the ideal conditions for your stay. There is also an outdoor swimming pool in the hotel and all the amenities for five star hotels are available in the best possible quality.

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