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“Land of the Infinite Blue Sky” is a term derived from the Central Asian religion of Tengriism, in which the constellation Tengri, whose name means “sky”, is worshiped. In Mongolia today, the term has become commonplace and is a familiar name that refers to the vastness of the pristine lands beneath which the rainy sky lies. One of the ways to experience the adventures that always take place under the sky is to live with a nomadic family. Camping with the nomads, away from the cramped capital Ulaanbaatar, helps travelers understand the different worlds of the Mongols – a world of tranquility with endless skies. Here you will find information about what you will experience while staying with a nomadic family. So maybe this will increase your motivation for your next adventurous trip.

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Access to remote areas

Outdoor tourist camps are ready to serve backpackers, and you can find them in parts of Gobi Gurvansaikhan, Gorkhi-Terelj, Khustain, and other national parks. Being with a nomadic family will allow you to penetrate these areas as much as possible and move at your own pace and completely off the map.

For example, in the central part of Mongolia, you will encounter wild horses in Khostin National Park, you can visit Kharkhorin, the old capital, or go to Khogno Khan. The site, paved with horses’ hoofs, houses the remains of a remote monastery. The flat terrain and flowing dunes of this area create a unique landscape. Accompanying and staying with a nomadic family will allow you to enjoy all these sights safely under the blue sky of Mongolia.

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