Ten beautiful and spectacular cities in Chile

Situated as a long, narrow strip along the Pacific Ocean, Chile is a country with a diverse and amazing environment, from snow-capped mountains and glaciers to rippling beaches and remote deserts. It is a land where everything can be found. To learn more about this diversity, we introduce ten beautiful and spectacular cities in Chile.

1. Santiago

As the capital, the city of Santiago is surrounded by the Andes Mountains and the coast of Chile. Santiago is a vibrant city where, in addition to famous restaurants, you can also find a variety of museums. Visitors will see beautiful neoclassical buildings in the heart of the city. The city has both beach resorts and ski resorts.

Ten beautiful and spectacular cities in Chile

2. Valparaíso

The third largest city in Chile, located in the northwest of Santiago, Valparaiso is protected by UNESCO and is one of the most attractive coastal cities in Chile. It is famous for its colorful and scenic houses among the rocks. Walking in the narrow streets of this city is a way to get more acquainted with its atmosphere.

3. Putre

Putre is a small city located in the middle of the hills at an altitude of 3500 meters. The mountainous climate and attractive buildings with an old and calm face that exists in the region, draws people who are both interested in mountaineering and want to use the clean and energetic air to this region.

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4. San Pedro de Atacama

This quiet city in northeastern Chile is located in what is known as the driest desert in the world. Although the city is located in a hot and dry region, it has amazing natural landscapes, one of the most popular of which is its Natural Archaeological Museum, which many visitors go to see. The brick buildings that surround the city streets have also created a new landscape in the city.

5. Arica

The port city of Arica is located in the north of Chile, where there is sunshine all year round, so it is usually suitable for tourists who are fleeing from the cold of winter. The city is a great place to relax by the beach and the sea, some call it the “Eternal Spring City”. Near the city there is a place where the world’s oldest mummies are on display.

6. Pucón

People who are interested in exciting recreation usually come to this destination, a city that is known throughout Chile as the capital of adventure sports, and these exciting activities take place throughout the city throughout the year. These include rafting, skiing, boating and flying.

Ten beautiful and spectacular cities in Chile

7. La Serena

LaSerna was founded in 1544 and is the second oldest city in Chile after Santiago. The architecture of the buildings of this city also has an old style and is related to the colonial period of the city. In addition, the sandy beaches of this city along with this old texture have created an extraordinary combination of culture and tranquility. The streets below the city are full of beautiful and old churches. Around the city you can also find villages with arable land – which create a wonderful landscape.

8. Puerto Natales

Despite the beautiful Torres del Penn National Park and the beautiful scenery overlooking the mountains around the city, Puerto Natales is a beautiful city for nature lovers. In addition to being a very modern and luxurious city, the city’s libraries and cafes are very popular with tourists, especially Chilean domestic tourists.

Ten beautiful and spectacular cities in Chile

9. Viña del Mar

The city has large and beautiful parks and streets covered with palm trees. The city is also located on the coast. The presence of tall and orderly buildings next to each other has created the face of this city so clean and smart that it shines well in comparison with the surrounding cities.

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Ten beautiful and spectacular cities in Chile

10. Puerto Varas

Around this beautiful city, volcanic mountains with snowy peaks can be seen, which has created a unique and beautiful view of the city. Puerto Varas is also called the City of Roses because of its colorful flower streets. The city’s recreational activities include mountaineering, skiing, fishing and water sports.

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