Reasons to visit Belgium!

Beautiful cities like Burgess, Ghent and Antwerp

The first and most obvious reason to visit Belgium is the amazing architecture, the beautiful small towns by the lake and even the big cities that, despite their size, have many attractions to offer you. The city of Burgess is undoubtedly one of the biggest tourist attractions in Belgium. This city is beautiful, attractive and strange, and this has made it a popular city for many tourists. As the warmer months of the year fill the city’s streets with tourists, the colder months at the beginning of the new year (December is busier due to Christmas) are the best time to visit Burgess, where the streets are also a little quieter. . But do not come to Belgium just to visit Burgess! It takes just 20 minutes by train to Brussels to reach the beautiful city of Ghent, a city full of students and full of surprises. Next we come to Antwerp, a larger city commonly known as the fashion capital of Belgium. Antwerp is far better than Brussels with its unique coffee culture, small boutiques and unique local designers.

Reasons to visit Belgium!


Belgian waffles are famous all over Europe and the world, but you can not taste their best taste anywhere except Belgium. One of the least appreciated things about Belgium is its cuisine, which obviously does not end in waffles.

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Reasons to visit Belgium!

French fries!

If we want to talk about the easy and memorable Belgian national food, we have to talk about French fries. So let us mention once again that nowhere in the world will you find better French fries than in Belgium. These potatoes seemed to be fried two or even three times, but they taste extremely delicious. Never turn down the offer of ketchup and mayonnaise and enjoy this delicious dish with both of these sauces.

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Take a step back and feel life with all your being!

Belgium has always been a disgrace in terms of climate, tranquility and slowness of life. But these are the things that make it more enjoyable. Belgium is located between France and the Netherlands and is a good place to stop and relax. So, if you do not intend to stop in Brussels, anywhere else in Belgium can be a pleasant stop between Paris and Amsterdam.

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Fantastic architecture

The architecture of Brussels is very impressive and is considered one of the most elegant in Europe. The main square of Brussels, known as the Grote Markt, is one of the must-see places. This field takes you back in time to the past.

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Humor culture

If you are one of those people who are interested in humor, you have a good reason to visit Brussels, which has a collection of interesting murals depicting the popular Belgian cartoon character Tintin.

If you are one of those people who are interested in humor

Linguistic diversity

One of the best things about Belgium is its diversity. The country is divided into Flemish Dutch in the north and Walloon French in the south. This diversity is much greater in Brussels because it is the capital of the European Union and full of immigrants.

Christmas Market

These Christmas markets are all over Europe (they can be seen even today on the Champs Elysees), but surely the most amazing markets are located in the small towns of Belgium and are waiting for you!

Reasons to visit Belgium!

The capital of vegetarians in the world

The city of Ghent in Belgium is the capital of vegetarians in the world and even has a “vegetarian Saturday” that encourages non-vegetarians to eat vegetarian food for one day a week (every week in a row).

Ease of traveling by train

Belgium is a relatively small country and therefore has a very good train system. You can reach Ghent from Brussels in an hour and Burgess in just over an hour. Larger cities like Antwerp are about an hour away from the capital. Belgium also has good connections to other parts of Europe, including Paris and Amsterdam.

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