know the ten green cities of the world

Amidst the hustle and bustle and the kind of pollution that endangers nature and the environment, there are still places in the world where nature is respected, cities that do their best to have beautiful nature and a clean environment. Which are known as green cities of the world. If you want to get acquainted with these cities, join us. Maybe you want to go to a green city on your next trip.

There is a list of green cities of the world

1. Copenhagen

The city of Copenhagen is known for its environmental laws and regulations. According to these plans, the city will be carbon free until 2025.

Rosenborg Castle Gardens

In spring and summer, when the weather is sunny, exploring this garden will be a very enjoyable experience. Both because of the colorful flowers and the calm space and its suitability for relaxation.

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2. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a popular city for cyclists, one of the most populous cities in the world! Most of the people in this city travel by bicycle, and this makes the air of this city one of the cleanest.

Boating in the canals

Even if you do not want to use a bicycle, there is another vehicle to travel. Boats that take you around the city.

Bicycle parking

While we see car parks full of cars in many cities around the world, seeing a bicycle parking lot in Amsterdam may seem a little strange to us. But it is also a sight to behold that there are bicycles parked around the city, and instead of the noise of car horns and traffic, the city is in a certain calm.

3. Stockholm

Stockholm is also one of the cleanest cities in the world that will be free of fossil fuels in its environmental plans by 2050.


Vaxholm is a small village near Stockholm that can be easily reached from the city center by bus. The village has a green and fresh atmosphere and will be a good option for a day trip to walk and watch traditional houses and eat traditional food.

4. Vancouver

Vancouver is the cleanest city in Canada and one of the cleanest cities in the world. The city also has pristine and beautiful green space, and like other cities on the list, Vancouver is also known as the Green City, and laws and programs are being implemented to improve this situation.

know the ten green cities of the world

English Gulf

One of the quietest beaches you can find in this city is next to this bay. The clear and crystalline waters of this bay are very clean and calm, especially on hot summer days, boating on these waters will be very enjoyable. From here you can see the city from a different perspective.

Lane Valley Ecology Center

The suspension bridge is located northeast of Vancouver, a few steps from the parking lot. A bridge over a river that leads to nature.

5. Edinburgh

The entire city center of Edinburgh is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and no cars are allowed on the entire site. This has caused a special silence and tranquility in the center of this beautiful and spectacular capital. The city also plans to be added to the list of carbon-free cities by 2050.


The city’s pastures are a vast expanse of trees and greenery near the University of Edinburgh. In the summer, various bands perform in this space, and the people of the city make their evening appointments in this area to be among These trees breathe.

Royal Botanical Garden

If you are interested in flowers and plants, the Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh is one of the city’s attractions worth visiting. Even if you do not have anything about plants, this park is so beautifully decorated that you will enjoy being there.

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6. Berlin

Like Edinburgh and other European cities, Berlin has an environmental area where polluting vehicles are prohibited and can only be entered with vehicles that meet certain standards. This has made Berlin one of the green cities of the world.

Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral is a Gothic-style church that, in addition to having a spectacular building, is also surrounded by lush and spectacular surroundings.

East Side Gallery

This gallery is a protected and intact part of the Berlin Wall, on which beautiful and various paintings have been painted, and it has become an art gallery in the city. This is a part of history that is intertwined with art today.

7. New York

New York is also the greenest city in the United States, which has low greenhouse gas emissions due to its population.

know the ten green cities of the world

Main Street Park

A lush and peaceful setting with a beautiful view of the Manhattan Bridge is where many people go to enjoy the tranquility and see the beautiful view of the city. There are several shops and restaurants around the park.

8. Singapore

Singapore is one of the greenest cities in the world, with nowhere to grow green space, from lush parks to tree-lined buildings.

know the ten green cities of the world

Singapore Changi International Airport

If you want to see the green space in this city, you do not need to go too far, you will encounter it from the moment you enter this city. Changi Airport, one of the best airports in the world, is a tourist attraction in itself.

Gardens by DB

Designed in the heart of the city, a 101-hectare lush and beautiful garden is part of the Singaporean government’s strategy to turn the city into a “garden city”. They believe in green space and flowers, quality and longevity. Take higher.

9. Helsinki

The main focus of the Finns is on transport, they are trying to persuade the people of the city by using bicycles instead of vehicles that pollute.

Senate Square

This square is one of the most important attractions of the city, a large space where people go to visit its cafes or see one of the important symbols of the city up close.

10. Oslo

Norwegians also have serious policies to protect the environment and make it greener. In the meantime, the city of Oslo is a step ahead.

Boating on the Big Doi River

Big Doi is a peninsula west of Oslo that requires a boat to reach. Boating to the peninsula is one of the most enjoyable pastimes in the city as you can see Oslo from a different perspective – from the water. Big Dui also has its own charms, the peninsula has five national museums.


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