It is hard to believe, but here is a real bookstore on the water!

A trip to Venice may be one of the wish lists of all of us; a city we only read about in travel magazines. Whenever possible we should have all the usual tourist activities to do in Venice, such as boarding canoes on the canals or walking through the endless maze of narrow streets along the canals. They are moving forward. However, we can look for things in Venice that are a little weirder, like a hand sculpture in the Grand Canal.

Now, seeing the city’s most famous bookstore, Libreria Acqua Alta, tells the same story. The bookstore is located near St. Mark’s Square and opened in 2004. The name means “high water bookstore”, because this store is sometimes affected by fluctuations and rising water in the city of Venice, and regularly, every winter, the floor of the bookstore is filled with water. To combat this, the bookstore owner, Luigi Fritzzo, has placed all the books on a waterproof base; The pedestals consist of a variety of buckets, bathtubs, canoe boats, and the same simple, flatboats that move in the canal.

Sloppy entrance

When you first arrive at a bookstore, you do not think that you have entered a particular bookstore, because, from the outside, something extraordinary and extraordinary will not catch your eye. What you see in your eyes is as most bookstores scattered all over Venice. You may even suspect that you may have made a mistake.

You may smile suspiciously when you see the large manuscript that claims: Liberia Aqua Alta is the most beautiful bookstore in the world. You might think that there is nothing to say here, equal to a magnificent place like the Cărturești Carusel in Bucharest. However, it is not!

Despite its small size, the store is full of a strange passion, and packages of books, magazines, maps, and postcards in different languages, arranged from floor to ceiling, are just the beginning. 60. Store books are new and come in all styles, from comics to bestsellers, cookbooks, travelogues about Venice, and more.

Interior design is a kind of fearless experience; it comes with components such as electric chandeliers, mannequins that cover old Venetian clothes and sails that hang from doors and walls. What adds to the charm, warmth of the space is the presence of cats that live in this place, and you can see them everywhere in the store yawning and taking a nap in the evening on a pile of books.

For example, to see a way to escape from the fire, which is a real door that opens directly to the outside and a yard; a yard turned into an art project. Where you can climb the colorful old encyclopedias and head to the canal next to the bookstore.

The Libreria Acqua Alta is open daily from 9 am to 8 pm.

Go to the bookstore, either early or late, to avoid crowds.

The bookstore, despite the large number of visitors that come to it, still has difficulty opening and continuing to operate. If you go there, buy whatever you can and do your part to help preserve this cultural institution in Venice.

Although most of the books in the store are in Italian, there are still several English (or other) books. Books are sold both new and used.

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