Get to know the Greek islands

Greece has several islands, up to 6,000, depending on their size. However, the maximum number of inhabited islands is 227. The Greek islands are divided into different categories, which are selected based on the location of each island.

The islands are the main features that shape the country of Greece and also play an important role in Greek culture and traditions. So join us to see how these islands are categorized.

Get to know the Greek islands

Argo Saronic Islands

The Saronic Islands take their name from the bay in which they are located, the Saronic Gulf, which is located near the city of Athens. The Saronic Gulf Islands are small and are a great haven for tourists and permanent residents. Some of the most important islands in this category include the islands of Salamanca, Aegina, Hydra, Purus and Spetses. Tourists traveling to the Saronic Islands will enjoy the beautiful nature, the amazing architecture and the captivating atmosphere.

Get to know the Greek islands

Cyclades Islands

The Cyclades Islands are located in the Aegean Sea and southeast of mainland Greece. These are 220 islands, the main islands of which are Amorgos, Anafi, Andros and Delos. In fact, the name “Cyclides” is given to the islands that are located in a circle around the island of Delos. The large islands of this complex are habitable. The islands of this complex are mostly mountainous and various ancient structures can be found in them.

Get to know the Greek islands

North Aegean Islands

This complex includes islands that are not connected and are located in the northern Aegean Sea. Some of these islands are divided between Turkey and Greece. The main islands of this complex include Samos, Lesbos, Lemnos, Pasara, Tendos and Rabbit. These islands are famous among tourists for their secluded beaches and warm waters.

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Get to know the Greek islands


Dodecanese includes 15 large islands and 150 small islands in the Aegean Sea. These islands are located in the east of the Crete Sea and only 26 of the islands are inhabited. Dodecanese means “twelve islands”. Some of the main islands of this complex include Agathonisi, Kalimenos, Kasos, Patmos, Rhodes and Carpathos. The Dodecanese Islands have belonged to Greece since 1947, and its islands have become popular tourist destinations in Greece.

Get to know the Greek islands


The Sporades Islands are located in eastern Greece and include 24 islands, of which only four are inhabited. The residential islands of this complex include Alonissos, Skiathos, Skopelos and Skyros. Sporades means “scattered” and refers to a group of islands that were outside the “Cyclades”.

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Get to know the Greek islands

Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands, also known as the “Seven Islands”, include the seven main islands and several smaller islands. The main islands of the complex include Corfu, Paksi, Lefkada, Ithaca, Cephalonia, Zakynthos and Kitira. The islands date back to Venetian rule. They protected the islands from Ottoman invasion and did not allow the complex to belong to them. The Ionian Islands have been ceded to Greece since 1864.

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