Abraham Lake

There is a lake in the Canadian province of Alberta that makes every spectator disappear. In other words, it can be said that Alberta puts the wonders of winter on the viewers in the best possible way. The lake has an area of ​​53.7 square kilometers and is one of the most spectacular phenomena in North America.

The best season to visit this lake, unlike other lakes, is winter because, in this season, Abraham Lake is filled with small and large bubbles that change its face. The freezing of the lake’s surface and the appearance of bubbles on it have made Abraham host photographers from all over the world every winter to capture his beauty.

Interestingly, Abraham Lake is artificial, in the sense that it was built by humans and did not form naturally. A company called Transta Alta, to build a dam to collect water from the Saskatchewan River, built it in 1972 and no one imagined that one day it would become one of the most amazing lakes in the world.

The reason for the formation of bubbles inside the ice of this lake is the presence of methane gas, and, when the gases cannot leave the surface of the lake due to the presence of ice, they form bubbles. The presence of methane gas in this lake has also become dangerous; you probably know that this gas is flammable, so simple negligence, such as throwing a cigarette on the lake’s surface, can cause large fires and catastrophes.

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