10 dream places to watch fall

Fall is a colorful season, although the leaves fall to the ground in fall, the beauty of this season is not diminished, and these leaves are a kind of artwork of this beautiful season. We all love the fall where we live and think there is no other place as beautiful as these. This is definitely because the face of fall is unique in each region. If you would like to know where in the world you can have a dream fall other than the region where you live, join us.

You may be one of those people who like to travel in summer, but if you postpone visiting many cities to summer, you will miss many of the beauties of other seasons.

10 dream places to watch fall

1.Kyoto – Japan

Kyoto is known for its spring and cherry blossoms, but in Kyoto, you have almost two months to see the red and orange colors of cherry blossoms in this region instead of the pink colors. The colorful landscape of maple trees this season creates a new image of Kyoto.

If you want to see beautiful fall in Kyoto, the best time is late October to mid-November.

10 dream places to watch fall

2.Lake Sfanta Ana – Romania

Fall is very beautiful in Romania, one of the best places where you can see the falling leaves of trees and their color change is Lake Esfanta Anna. Next to this lake, you can see the reflection of the yellow and orange colors of the trees that surround the lake, which will be a very spectacular and dreamy scene. October is the best time to watch this deformation of nature.

10 dream places to watch fall

3.Hraunfossar Waterfalls – Iceland

The waterfall is spectacular all year round and each season has a unique view, but many consider fall to be the most beautiful season in the area when the golden and red leaves of the trees along with the blue color of the waterfall create a beautiful and eye-catching contrast. October is the best time to see this waterfall in fall.

10 dream places to watch fall

4.Western Massachusetts – New England

It is impossible to list fall beauties without mentioning New England and western Massachusetts in the United States. In this area, you will see fall leaves in any color, red, yellow, Korean, gold, and any color you can name. The variety of fall colors in this area is so great that some names may not be named! The best time to see this colorful fall variety in western Massachusetts is early October to mid-November.

10 dream places to watch fall

5.Prague – Czech Republic

Maybe you are one of those people who think that European cities are not suitable for traveling in fall. But this is not the case, Prague is one of the cities that has wonderful fall when you go to the top of Prague Petrine you can see a dreamy view of the city that has changed color. There are also several food festivals in Prague in the fall, which can be a good experience for fall trips. The best time to watch this beautiful season and enjoy the food festivals of this city is September to November.

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10 dream places to watch fall

6.Amsterdam – The Netherlands

The name Amsterdam reminds many of the cobbled streets and canals of water and cycling. But this season you can see forests that have changed from green to yellow and orange, warm colors in the cold season. Although the evenings may be very cold in this city, you will not see the fall scenery of this city anywhere else. Meanwhile, hot chocolate and apple pie are among the most popular foods to warm up on a cold evening in Amsterdam. The beauty of fall in Amsterdam appears in mid-November.

10 dream places to watch fall

7.Kyiv – Ukraine

In addition to churches with golden domes, fall colors have a different glow. The city of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, has beautiful forests that, if you see them in summer, are green and wear new clothes in fall. Also, the fall of tree leaves in the old city gives a more dreamy atmosphere to the city. Late October to mid-November is the best time to see fall this season.

10 dream places to watch fall

8.Petersburg – Russia

It may be strange to hear the name of St. Petersburg in the fall, but although the city will be very cold this season, it still has an exceptional This Season. In addition, maybe if you travel to this city in October, in addition to seeing the beauties of fall, you will encounter a secluded city with all its spectacular attractions for you! And you can see the beauties of the city in solitude.

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10 dream places to watch fall

9. Denali National Park – Alaska

Summer in Denali National Park is very short, followed by shorter This Season but long winter sleeps in the area. Denali National Park is the most famous park in Alaska. The park also has some amazing wildlife where you can see bears, foxes, and sometimes even wolves. September is the best time to see the park and its spectacular wildlife in This Season.

10 dream places to watch fall

10.Shenandoah National Park – Virginia

Located in the US state of Virginia, Shenandoah National Park has endless nature that allows visitors to have a dream experience in this endless nature. This park has an area of ​​805 square kilometers, in which you can see different and spectacular views in This Season . It is even said that the colors change at any hour of the day according to the angle of the sunlight. If you go to this area in late September, you can attend the apple festival, otherwise, the best time to see this unique beauty will be October.

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