Koh Mak Mountain

The island avoids the crowds of tourists for several reasons, the first is that the island belongs to several families who are trying to attract tourists with a slow and good growth here and the second reason is the location of the island, Mount Mack is one of the islands of Phuket and Samui. It is further away and near the Cambodian border. The island has different rules, for example, bicycle and motorbike routes are specified throughout the island and motor vehicles are not allowed on the shore.

But tourists can use boats to explore the beaches.

Environmental groups such as Trash Hero are active on the island and tourists can also take part in these activities.

Koh Lipe

One of the most popular islands on this list is Mount Lippe, but it still does not reach Phuket, and that may be due to the island’s location. Reaching the island is possible from Pak Bara pier in the south of Rawa. The island is located near the Malaysian border. Because the island of Mount Lippe has good facilities and infrastructure, you will definitely feel comfortable during your stay. Tourists dive on the island because more than 25 percent of the tropical fish species live around the island’s coral reefs.

Koh Mook

One of the best affordable islands in Thailand is Mount Mok. There are many cheap accommodations and restaurants or restaurants on the island and you can also enjoy the long and secluded beaches of the island. Two beaches named Sivalai and Farang are some of the most lovely areas of the island.

One of the island’s attractions is the Emerald Cave, which tourists enter by boat. To reach the shore beyond the cave, you have to swim a little.

Koh Si Chang

Do not confuse this island with Mount Chang, which is larger. Mount Si Chang is a small island where fishing is popular and a vacation spot. Buddhist temples and Chinese religions can be found on the island. The island’s natives are hospitable and therefore can be a good destination for understanding Thai culture and lifestyle. Mount Si Chang is the closest island to Bangkok and can be reached at Koh Loi Wharf in northern Pattaya.

There are wild boars on this island and if you come across one of the boars on the beach, do not be afraid. If you do not deal with the boars, they will run away from your fear.

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