Koh Kradan

Kradan Mountain Island is famous for its stunning beaches. In the early morning and evening, the beaches are secluded and you can use this opportunity to enjoy the clear waters and sandy beach. The island can be a day trip, its attractions include Hat Chao Mai National Park and Ao Chong Lom Beach. It takes 3 hours to get to this island from Phuket, but if you go to Mount Lanta Island, it takes only 90 minutes.

One of the attractions of Kradan is the Underwater Wedding Festival, which takes place on February 14th.

Koh Munnork

The smallest island on this list is Mount Munnork, which is only 5.2 square kilometers. This island is as spectacular as paradise. The beaches near the palm forests are also very famous. There are no luxury restaurants or nightlife on the island, but it can be chosen for long family stays. Accommodation on the island is only possible in a private accommodation and private boats are sent from Laem Tan pier to reach the island.

Koh Yao Yai

It is very easy to reach this island from Phuket by speedboats. Most of the island is covered with forest and is more secluded than the surrounding islands, but it has enough facilities such as a spa, Wi-Fi, and good accommodation. There are restaurants and shops on the island, but the nights are quieter. In the sea view, other small islands can be seen, which can be reached by a rowing boat. The nearby island, Mount Koh Yao Yai with cheap marine cottages

Koh Kood

One of the largest islands in Thailand is a mountain, also known as Kood Mountain. The beaches of the island, like other islands in Thailand, are occupied by luxury resorts, but there are also cheap accommodations inside the island. When choosing a residence, make sure the ones you are considering are not too far away. Most parts of the beach are public and it does not matter where you live to get permission to use the beach.

Among the attractions of the island, we can mention Klong Chao waterfall, for which group tours come to the island. It becomes more secluded around the waterfall at sunset and can be enjoyed alone.

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