The secret islands of Thailand that many are unaware of (part1)

The first choice of many tourists going to Thailand is Phuket. There is no doubt that Phuket is a perfect destination, but if you are planning a tour of Thailand, you can expand your horizons to choose the islands. Thailand has hundreds of islands located in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. Some of these hundreds of islands are comparable to Phuket in terms of natural beauty, but may not be as good as Phuket in terms of amenities and recreation. Before choosing a more secluded destination, make sure you have the facilities you need. Here are 10 attractive and unique islands of Thailand except for Phuket.

Note: The word mountain (Koh) in Thai means island, but most islands are named that way.

1- Koh Phayam

The island was not well known to locals and tourists until recently, but as it turns out, the situation will not remain the same. Mount Phayam is located near Thailand and Myanmar. It is difficult to find a car on the island because the locals all bicycles or motorcycles. The waters around the island may not be as clear as other famous islands, but the secluded beaches and the presence of the natives will make it a different experience.

It is better to travel to this island in the summer months to be safe from the torrential rains. Almond festival is also held in the spring, which can be a good time to visit this region.

2- Koh Jum

If you wish to spend some time in a beach hut or tree hut, then Jum Thai Mountain Island is a good choice. For those who love adventure, Mount Jum is a great destination because it has many hidden natural attractions, its beaches are untouched, it has unique mountain trails and a variety of activities can be experienced there. To reach this island, you must first go to Krabi and then go to Mount Jum by boat. Mount Jum Island is not suitable for lovers of exciting parties, but instead, you can enjoy activities such as nature walks, water sports, etc.

The only problem for tourists visiting the island is the presence of monkeys. It is best to choose your home away from where the monkeys live.

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