Famous beaches in St. Petersburg

This is not a complete list of beaches near St. Petersburg, but it could be a good plan to visit in the summer.  Some of these places are located in the Kurortny Raion area in the northwestern part of St. Petersburg, while the rest are scattered in and around the city.


The quiet atmosphere of Komarovo, the forests and the beach attractions, attract many people from the city.  There are several restaurants on the beach during the summer.  Although Kumaru is far enough away from the city, many visitors still go to this place.


Zelenogorsk is the last major town within the city limits of St. Petersburg.  The St. Petersburg-Weiburg railway stop is 50 km from the city center.  It has been a popular summer destination since the summer of 1870, and many people flock to the ‘Zolotoi plyazh’ (Golden Beach) every year to dive into the cool waters of the Gulf of Finland.


Kronstadt is actually an urban and maritime castle on an island called Kotlin.  The reason it is famous is that it was the site of the anti-Bolshevik uprising of 1921.  Today, this pleasant city offers several great places to see a sea view, the southern side of which is bordered by three ports.

Krestovsky Island

Another good option in the heart of the city is one of the quietest areas of St. Petersburg on weekdays that is visited by a small number of tourists.  Its long shore is nestled between several tributaries of the Nova River, creating a good setting for a sunset or picnic.

Kanonersky Island

The island is located near the city center and it is difficult to walk on its outskirts and has no infrastructure for tourists.  Nevertheless, it offers a great view of the Gulf of Finland and the entry of boats to this port.

Lake Ladoga

It takes about 80 minutes by train from St. Petersburg to the lake.  The ‘Road of Life’ began here and brought 360,000 tons of supplies to the besieged inhabitants of Leningrad during the 1941-1944 siege.  Today there is a museum and this lake is a popular place for boating and hiking.  There is also a 70m high lighthouse that provides a great view of the mirages that sometimes cover the surface of the water. In this article, the beaches of St. Petersburg were told to you.

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