Beautiful Beaches in St. Petersburg

There are many places in and around St. Petersburg that have attractive and spectacular beaches.  The long winters of the northern capital have given access to water in the summer, which has provided an important part of the city’s charm.  In this article, you will get acquainted with the beaches of St. Petersburg.

This is not a complete list of beaches near St. Petersburg, but it could be a good plan to visit in the summer.  Some of these places are located in the Kurortny Raion area in the northwestern part of St. Petersburg, while the rest are scattered in and around the city.


The sandy beach of Tarkhovka is not accessible to most people, but it is open to the public and offers great views of Kronstadt Castle in the Bay of Fundland.  The first ‘blue’ station in the Kurortny Raion is just a short car, bus or train ride from the Finniadsky train station.  This place is a good option on summer weekends because it does not have a lot of traffic.  There is access to water from both sides, as Lake Sestroretsky Razliv runs only through the inland train and highway Primorskoe.

Some of St. Petersburg’s most popular beaches also have countless hotels, cafes, and restaurants, the oldest of which is the Sestroretsky Resort, which dates back to 1898.  If you walk a short distance from the city center, you will reach the coast of the Gulf of Northern Finland.  Then you will reach the popular ‘Nude Beach’ of ‘Dyuny’.


Laskovy Beach is one of the most beautiful coastal areas of St. Petersburg and is full of sunflowers on hot summer days.  But in other seasons it is also popular as a picnic spot.  Most of the coastline here is quite rocky.  During severe storms, these rocks may be thrown around.  It’s beautiful, but Solnechoe, like many coastal towns in St. Petersburg, is growing rapidly, with a population of nearly 50 percent since 2002.

In addition to having a museum of the great Russian painter, Repino also has a popular beach, several restaurants and 14 spas, resorts and sanatoriums.  You can go to the museum for a day trip and have lunch and also go swimming.

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