All About Miami (part B)

Coastal Market

The Beach Market is a large shopping mall with over 150 specialty and tourism stores, numerous coffee shops and restaurants, and daily entertainment and Miami tourist attractions.  Visitors to a number of popular chain stores as well as among many unique items will find the right place.  The market attracts locals as well as tourists.  As the name suggests, the center is located next to the Miami Fountain, which overlooks the docks and boats.  Many people come here just to stay in this space.  Pleasure boats come out of here and visit the places around the Biscayne area.  There are also water taxi services to the Miami Beach area and downtown hotels in the area.

Bifrant Park

Beaferant Park is located on the east side of Biscayne Boulevard, which was redesigned in the 1980s and is a Miami tourist attraction.  One of its attractive features is the electronic control of the pepper fountain.  Other highlights include an amphitheater for music, a tower for laser lighting, and three important buildings: the Torch of Friendship, which symbolizes Miami’s relationship with Central and South American countries;  World War II Memorial;  And the Challenger Memorial, in memory of the Challenger spacecraft crew that exploded in 1986.

Vizkaya Museum Garden

The Vizcaya Museum Garden is one of Miami’s greatest treasures.  The architecture, the land and the artwork are all worth the trip to visit this beautiful place.  The estate was once the winter home of early 21st century industrial activist James Deering.  Built in 1916, the mansion has 34 rooms around a central courtyard and is a Miami tourist attraction.  This 28-hectare villa with modern Italian design is filled with European furniture and decorative arts from the 15th to the 19th century.  More than 1,100 workers and industry workers were working to complete the Vizkaya project, many of which were brought from Europe to ensure design accuracy.  The gardens have a number of Italian and French fountains, pools and wooden sculptures.  The breakwater is carved in the shape of women at the base of the steps that lead to the Besbain area.  The name “Vizkaya” is a Basque word meaning “high place”.  The estate hosted a number of world leaders and important historical events, including a meeting between Pope John Paul II and former President Reagan in 1987, as well as the presence of Queen Elizabeth II during her 1991 visit to the United States.

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