A pristine beach that is not yet known among tourists

We all know Malaysia, a Muslim country that has a variety of monuments, and maybe if you are a traveler, you have heard the name of the Pink Mosque, but this time we introduce a part of Malaysia to you dear ones that are less related to it we know. Today we are walking on a beach called Port Dickson, which is a dream and pristine destination for nature lovers and nature lovers.

Port Dickson Beach is one of the best travel destinations in the spring and is about 18 km long. If you choose this beach for sightseeing, you can pass by palm trees and immerse yourself in watching the sea waves. Some consider Port Dickson Beach to be Palm’s Dubai counterpart, so if you are traveling to Malaysia, do not miss the amazing views of Port Dickson.

It should be noted that not all the charm of Port Dickson can be summed up in the beautiful landscape and pristine nature, but there are numerous cafes and restaurants on the beach that will offer a variety of local and international cuisine, so if you like, taste the new food. Port Dickson Beach will still be a good choice for you.

Where is Port Dickson Beach?

Now that we have told you a little about Port Dickson Beach, we will introduce its location, but as some foreign tourists travel from Singapore to Malaysia and Port Dickson, we will also review the route from Singapore to this beach.

Port Dickson Beach is located in the west of Malaysia so you can easily reach this beautiful area with about 4 hours’ drive from Singapore. It is also good to know that Port Dickson is located 50.8 km south of Kuala Lumpur International Airport, so if you use this airport you can easily reach Port Dickson by taxi.

Another way you can get to Port Dickson is to rent a car. This method is recommended for people who are always interested in having their own private space.

The advantages of renting a car to reach Port Dickson Beach include easy access, security, tranquility, hassle-free, and speedy arrival, but do not forget that using these vehicles will be expensive for you.

Another way to get to Port Dickson is by bus, which runs from Singapore to Port Dickson. It takes approximately 5 hours by bus and costs about S $ 35 to S $ 50 (depending on the type of bus). The most important advantages of using a bus on this route are the cheap bus ticket price, comfort, and safety, non-stop travel. One of the negative points about these buses is the need to be present at certain stations.

Port Dickson Beach Malaysia

Undoubtedly, the best entertainment that makes Port Dickson beach attractive to foreign tourists is the good weather and pleasant nature of Port Dickson. There are other attractions in this part of Malaysia, for example, if you choose this beach for fun, you can Use the luxury hotels built in Port Dickson and make a luxurious and memorable trip for yourself. You should also know that this beach is very clean, so you can walk on the sand with ease without shoes or sandals and disappear watching the horizon. Another thing that is interesting for Port Dickson tourists is the kind of behavior of the natives who welcome the tourists warmly and guide them to the food courts and other beach resorts.

It may seem a little strange, but there is also a museum on Port Dickson Beach, built-in 1847 and officially opened in 1999, so by visiting the beach museum you can learn a little more about the culture and history of the Malaysian people. Get acquainted.

Another attraction on Port Dickson Beach is the Temple of Van Long, which is a Chinese shrine with a restaurant serving a variety of seafood, so a visit to the Port Dickson Chinese Temple is not without merit. If you are into visual and multidimensional arts, Port Dickson Beach will satisfy you because there is also a gallery that displays a variety of multidimensional works. If you step into this gallery, it will be difficult for you to distinguish between reality and fantasy.

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