In addition to major cities such as Brussels and Bruges, Belgium also has small and large scenic cities that will be very enjoyable to visit. Beautiful cities that you may not have heard of, but traveling to them can be a different and memorable experience for you. So if you are planning to travel to Belgium, remember these 10 cities ( Belgian stories ).

Dinant City

Undoubtedly, Dinant is the most scenic city in the Walloon region of Belgium, which consists of a beautiful and windy river and the buildings that surround it, which makes this city look like a fairy tale. The city of Dinant dates back to the middle Ages. The inventor of the saxophone, Adoff Sachs, was also born in the city.

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Damme Town

The city of Dam is also a beautiful medieval port city located near the city of Bruges. A beautiful water canal with trees around it passes through the center of the city, creating a dreamy and beautiful view. The dam is a cultural city that has more libraries and bookstores than any other city.

Spa City

The city of Spa is nestled among the short and high hills and lush forests of the Ardennes region of Belgium. As its name suggests, this city is full of hot springs and healing springs, so from the first century, many people flocked to this city to enjoy its mineral and healing properties. It is often called the “Pearl of Ardennes”.

City of Bouillon

The city is located on the banks of the Semois River, a short distance from the French border. Bouillon is famous for its beautiful castle, which is located on top of rocky hills and has given a different look to the city. Part of this castle dates back to the 8th century. Chateau de Bouillon is nestled in the lush forests and valley of Samois, allowing visitors to spend the rest of the day in pristine and spectacular nature.

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