10 beautiful and small cities in China

China is a country that has developed rapidly, even when the ancients of this country return to one of the cities of Beijing or Shanghai after many years, they can not recognize it because these cities are not very different from big cities like New York and London. However, one can still see the country’s antiquity in small, quiet villages and towns that are not widely known, and see a different face of China. Join us to get acquainted with 10 beautiful and small cities in China.

1.Yangshuo Town

The small and beautiful city of Yangshuo by the Li River was once a backpacker’s paradise. However, today it is better known and more tourists have discovered and traveled to this beautiful part of China. The presence of karst mountains and caves around the city, especially on foggy mornings and watching the fishermen fishing on their wooden boats in the morning, has created a calm and dreamy image. This city is a good place for cycling and boating.

10 beautiful and small cities in China

2. Lijiang Old Town

This ancient city is one of the most famous cities in China. This old town shows well the charm of the past days. But it is better to visit this small and quiet city sooner before this area also develops and becomes a new city.


If you do not have the opportunity to travel to Tibet, you can see the same atmosphere in the city of Jiajuguan, a village has a Tibetan style. This city is called “Tibetan Fairy Land”. Jiaju is also one of China’s most beautiful cities, perched on forested hills with spectacular views, especially in the spring when trees are in bloom. The houses of this village are built in a different style and the roofs of the houses are visible like a crown on the building.

4. Tongli

If you live in Shanghai, you can easily go to the city on the water “Tong Li”. There are beautiful gardens and temples. Moreover, you can go boating inside the city in the water canals and feel more relaxed in the city.

10 beautiful and small cities in China

5.Wuyuan Villages

Wuyuan is a rural village known for its ancient architecture. The village houses are made of white stone and gray roofs that shine well in the green environment of this area. The best season to visit Wuyuan villages id spring. In this season you can see the wonderful scenery in this village.

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10 beautiful and small cities in China

6. Fenghuan Ancient Town

Even if you have seen other ancient cities in the world, Feng Huan will still amaze you. The city dates back to the Qing Dynasty. This city shows well what China was like before modernization. There is a river flows through the city, where you can see boating on wooden boats.

10 beautiful and small cities in China

7. ZhouZhuang

After a long and tiring journey, visiting Zhejiang can be a pleasure. It is another of China’s oldest canal cities, and boating in its narrow canals will be a new and unique experience. This city is not only a good place to relax, but it also changes your outlook on life in China. ZhouZhuang, which is 1,200 years old, is located 30 km from the city of Suzhou and has many sights, including 14 arched stone bridges, among which the twin bridges are more famous. You can also see the 100-year-old houses built by the wealthy and old families of the city and an 11th century temple.

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8.Hong Chun

The ancient village of Hong Chun is a village in Yi County, Anhui Province, China. There are houses with Ming and Qing Dynasty architecture in this village, which are among its sights. They have placed the shape of the horn on it, four bridges represent the four legs of this animal and the houses are located in the body of this cow. Hong Chun is a traditional village in China.

10 beautiful and small cities in China

9.Chengyang Villages

Cheng Yang is five hours from Gilin and includes eight villages. These villages are famous for their civilization, the people of this village hold cultural and traditional programs in the village twice a day. In addition, its wooden bridge, known for its wind and rain, is also one of the most famous bridges in China. There are rice fields around these villages. Autumn, which is harvest time, can be the best time to visit this area.

10.Hemu Village

A trip to Homo Village will take you to western China and the scenic Lake Kanas region. Homo is one of the most beautiful villages in China for many tourists and also according to the National Geographic site. The scenery around this village is so beautiful that tourist tours usually hold only dedicated tours to take pictures of these landscapes.

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