9 Fun Things to Do in South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful and wonderful country. The area of ​​this country is equal to the total area of ​​Spain and France. South Africa has a rich cultural diversity, attractive nature, beautiful beaches of South Africa and wonderful beaches, all of which make it a paradise for travelers from all over the world. This list includes activities such as ostrich riding, going to beautiful beaches of South Africa, scuba diving with white sharks, sleeping in a tree house, playing golf, walking on the beach, surfing and sightseeing in the city of Soweto. In this article we are going to introduce 9 Fun Things to Do in South Africa.

List of 9 Fun Things to Do in South Africa

  1. Going to the beautiful beaches of South Africa

When you go to South Africa, the first thing you need to do is go to the beaches. There are many Blue Flag beaches from Clifton Beach south of Cape to Kelly Beach in Alfred. (Blue Flag Beach is a beach where the rules of the Institute for Environmental Studies (FEE) are fully complied with. M) You must spend at least one day on one of these beaches. If the weather is cold and you can not sunbathe, you can go boating! There are many boating training centers on these beaches.

9 Fun Things to Do in South Africa

  1. Walking on the Wild Coast

Wild Coast (literally meaning wild beach) is one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the world and can only be reached on foot. There are many attractions in the area, including waterfalls and remote beaches, pristine forests and several rivers. This tour is also an opportunity to get in touch with local people.

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9 Fun Things to Do in South Africa

  1. Sightseeing in Soweto

Soweto is a small town with a rich history and culture. Half-day and one-day tours give you the opportunity to meet local people, who love to show you their neighborhood and homes. Soweto has a population of over 2 million. Attractions in the area include Clifton, Nelson Mandela House, the Hector Petersen Memorial, as well as a variety of restaurants and shops. Take a bike tour of the city with a local guide and enjoy the city’s special attractions.Surfing

The coasts of South Africa are made up of waves and beaches, but due to the special shape of these beaches, they can be compared to a logarithmic spiral. As you know, wave size and wind direction play an important role in surfing; That’s why Cape Peninsula (to the north of Cape Town) is the best place to surf all year round.

9 Fun Things to Do in South Africa

  1. Congo Caves

If you are in the Caro area, other than riding ostriches, be sure to visit the Congo Caves. These incredibly attractive underground caves are less than 30 km from Oudtshroon and are located above the beautiful Congo Valley. These caves are very large and have limestone ridges. Principe Cave is one of the most important and best attractions in the country and attracts many tourists from all over the world every year. Although these caves are about 4 km long, only the first 1 km is open to the public.

9 Fun Things to Do in South Africa

  1. Ostrich riding

If you have enough courage, you can ride ostriches at work in South Africa. Of course, this requires a lot of skill, but if you want, you can try it too. There are several ostrich orphanages in this semi-desert area. This is an area where you can practice ostrich riding, and even if you have enough self-confidence, you can compete in it, but it is better to leave it to professional riders.

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 Diving with white sharks

  1. Golf

South Africa has many golf courses. The country is ideal for golf, with a good climate, plenty of space, beautiful scenery and people who are very interested in sports and outdoor activities. South Africa also has one of the world’s greatest golfers. South Africa has some of the best and cheapest golf courses in the world.

  1. Protected park

Which has been run by a family for many years. This 10,000-hectare park is in the Eastern Cape. Kruger National Park, Agolas National Park and Omega Protected Park and several other protected parks in the country where you can have a pure and special experience of seeing the beauty of Africa and its magnificent animals. Enjoy a safari and stay in family cottages. Watch the bright stars in the open air, where the rays are the only source of light.

 Diving with white sharks

  1. Diving with white sharks

You may think swimming in South African waters is safe, but you should know that a quarter of the world’s shark population lives in these waters. But if you want to see sharks up close and stay alive, we introduce you to cage diving. This exciting sport is relatively new in South Africa. You can see white sharks in your real home, this sport is a very interesting experience.

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